Flash and Presentations

Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform used to add animation and videos to webpages, but you can also add Flash to your PowerPoint presentations. In order to make your PowerPoint presentations even more attractive and enjoyable, you can insert flash movies into it. Here it is how you can do it:

1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and go to View in the upper menu bar.
2. Now, click on Toolbars and choose the option Control Toolbox.
3. After clicking on Control Toolbox click on an icon that looks like a hammer to see more options.
4. Choose Shockwave Flash Object.
5. With your mouse draw a small box where you would like to out your Flash movie. Right click no it and choose Properties.
6. Go to Alphabetic and then go to Movie.
7. In the same column you will see an option Playing. Set It to true. Do the same to EmbedMovie.

After exiting Properties and saving your presentation you will be able to enjoy your embedded flash movie. Flash movies can definitely enhance the quality of your presentation so it may be a good idea to take advantage of that.