Removing Dates from Posts

Do you want to remove dates from your posts? There are advantages and disadvantages of such decision. I have seen a few bloggers doing this, and this made me wonder what effects will such decision have on their blog.

Advantages include:
1. Your articles will not seem outdated. This is only th case of the content of your article will not get outdated easily.
2. Your article is more likely to be linked by others, as people in general like to link to something new, and your article might look like it is quite new, even though it is not.
3. You might get more comments as your articles will seem to be less outdated. Some bloggers do everything they can to have more comments.

Here are some potential disadvantages:
1. Most readers might actually prefer to know when an article was released. Why make it a secret? Some argue that the true motivation behind removing dates is that a blogger does not want his readers to know that he does not update his blog on a regular basis.
2. Not including dates does not change the order of articles. Those posted earlier might still seem to be outdated, even though there will be no date on them. That is why removing dates on posts might be quite pointless.
3. The whole idea of removing date is quite new, and might not be accepted well in the blogosphere. After all, hiding the article date is quite deceitful, and such a decision is usually not made to benefit visitors themselves. Bloggers should always put visitors first.

I think that the biggest disadvantage is that not displaying dates along with posts will make many posts no longer useful. This is especially true in case of news posts, or those posts that were describing a situation that is likely to change. This includes the topics of politics, technology, and the Internet among others.

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