What To Consider for Your Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom is a space that needs to ooze opulence and serenity while being practical yet there are times when it reaches its lifespan and becomes dull and murky with a slippery shower adorned with a grimy door. Renovating a space requires time and imagination because you not only have to choose the right paint color but you also need to make bigger decisions such as whether the mirror will go with the tiles or if you should opt for building a steam shower or not and if so, what type of steam shower kit will be required to picking the most delicate-looking towel rail. With so many decisions to make, it is important to have a properly planned process to know how to begin your bathroom renovation. 

Some Things To Think About 

The following are things to consider before committing to an improved yet luxe bathroom design.  

  • Choosing Your Contractor 

Finding someone who can execute your vision is a skill because it requires a lot of listening and having a keen eye for detail. You don’t need to rush through choosing an exceptional and dependable contractor, you should be able to compare techniques and find information from friends and family who are satisfied with their newly renovated bathrooms. 

  • Costs

You should understand that there are many costs associated with doing renovations. If you are looking for a quality grade renovation That includes fixtures, plumbing, surfaces, and labor. Additionally, the value of your renovated bathroom should not exceed 10% of the value of your home. 

  • Space

If you have minimal space to fit your bathtub, toilet, and shower you should consider options such as a free-standing toilet or bathtub. Include your storage ideas as part of the plan and make use of any additional opportunities such as putting a recess in the shower. 

  • Consider Alternatives 

Sometimes you may wish to renovate your bathroom but you don’t have the sufficient amount of money to purchase materials, decor, and to pay for the labor. You can consider alternatives such as refinishing your tiles, redecorating them. There is no reason to incur debt to get your dream bathroom when you can use some DIY hacks to make it look more pleasing to the eye. 

  • Plan For Everything 

Consider various options for things that you want to add. For instance, if you are opting for a nonconventional version of a bathtub, think about the size and time it will take to clean it. If you are changing your lighting, you can use a simple centralized diffuse light instead of a complex lighting system but it should depend on practicality and what the lighting will be used for more than anything. 

​​The Bottom Line

Don’t forget to install other additional things like your outlets and make them accessible. It takes more than just having the required money to fulfill your dream renovations. Looking at alternatives and doing research are also other important aspects to consider. Besides, you want to feel comfortable and confident when you step into your new steam shower once everything is completed.


3 Projects Worth Considering For Your Next Home Improvement Project

Some homeowners consider renovation projects a necessary burden, while others view it as an exciting endeavor. For those in the second category, the challenging part may be choosing which project to take on next. When it comes to your next home improvement Coral Springs FL, consider these three options.

1. Siding and Fascia

Perhaps your last project was installing a beautiful new roof. While the work may have been necessary due to a failing roof, you decided to upgrade the look, as well. A logical next step is to enhance that lovely roof with stylish fascia, soffit and siding.

In contrast to the last project, in which practicality was the driving force, this time aesthetics may be the primary goal. This doesn’t mean, though, that there is no practical value to the work. Vented soffit and fascia can cool your home off in hot weather, as well as reduce the chances of your roof or attic being invaded by unwanted water and critters.

2. Landscaping

A beautifully landscaped house will tend to make your home stand out in your neighborhood. While there are aspects of landscaping many homeowners can accomplish on their own, hiring a professional landscaper for a major renovation provides a number of advantages. For one thing, they have the expertise to know what plants and grass will thrive where you live. Qualified landscapers can also provide advice for maintaining your landscape once it is completed.

3. Enhanced Lighting

Now that you have invested in attractive exterior elements for your home, enhanced lighting may take the beauty of your home to a different level. Some popular options for lighting are solar and LED. The second option, in particular, can be installed by a homeowner and is a relatively inexpensive option. If you do choose to hire a lighting professional to do the work, you may get an even more appealing look.

Of course, there are other home improvement projects to consider. Choosing on of these three, however, may cause your house to be the talk of the neighborhood.