Improve The Interior Appeal Of Your Home For Sale

I was at a networking group yesterday where I met a guy who does home staging for relators selling homes. He started talking about ways relators and home sellers create more appeal for the interior of the home.

Sometimes they’ll bring in really high-end furniture to make the home look more desirable. Which makes sense. People want to feel like they are in an expensive home and having high end furnishings can do that. But what a pain!

I said there has to be a better way. Something less time consuming like moving furniture in and out of the house. He did say that doing window treatments can really make the home look extravagant.

Things like custom draperies can make a home look very elegant. This helps if your home is higher priced, as people like to see crown moldings and other nice finishing’s.

I mentioned to him that I had some friends who were about to sell a home. They weren’t going to be able to afford his services. He understood that as he tends to work with realtors selling homes in the $900 000 range.

Since I wanted to help my friends I asked him where we could buy things like custom draperies in Victoria. He told me about Rodco Interiors and the fact that they had so many things that could dress up their windows to increase the appeal of their home.

I thanked him for his advice and told him I’d pay him back down the road. He wasn’t too worried.

The next day me and my friends hoped down to Rodco Interiors and picked out some draperies and even some motorized blinds. It would be money well spent as they could either sell the home with them, or take them to their new home.

No matter the case, they were providing more value and appeal to their home by installing draperies and motorized blinds.

So if your looking to do the same, invest in any sort of window treatments and enjoy selling your house with ease!

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Do You Need a Tuxedo?

When my best friend was getting married, he needed a tuxedo to make him look great on this very special day of his life. He was very much in love with his wife so he wanted to make this day as special as possible. he went to a lot of trouble to make sure that this day would indeed be very unique. He even traveled to another town to arrange the flowers for his bride. I know how much she appreciated it and how much she loved it.

Email Tips

Most of us use email on a regular basis. Emails are convenient and do not cost anything so why not take advantage of them?
Many people like to use MS Outlook as their preferred email software. I would like to give a tip on how to flag incoming emails if you use this software. Basically, I would like to teach you how to put a flag near emails from your chosen email contacts. This whole process is very easy and will enable you to distinguish among other those messages that you have been looking for. You can create certain rules to each of your email contacts.

First, right click on the email that you would like to flag. From the menu choose Create Rule. The window will pop up. Choose the email sender that you would like to flag. Next, choose Advanced Options. You will be asked to confirm your choice. Click Next to move to the next window. In the next window look for an option to flag a message. Look for a color flag of your choice and then confirm your choice.

Remember that there are many other ways you can use to mark your wanted emails.