Removing Dates from Posts

Do you want to remove dates from your posts? There are advantages and disadvantages of such decision. I have seen a few bloggers doing this, and this made me wonder what effects will such decision have on their blog.

Advantages include:
1. Your articles will not seem outdated. This is only th case of the content of your article will not get outdated easily.
2. Your article is more likely to be linked by others, as people in general like to link to something new, and your article might look like it is quite new, even though it is not.
3. You might get more comments as your articles will seem to be less outdated. Some bloggers do everything they can to have more comments.

Here are some potential disadvantages:
1. Most readers might actually prefer to know when an article was released. Why make it a secret? Some argue that the true motivation behind removing dates is that a blogger does not want his readers to know that he does not update his blog on a regular basis.
2. Not including dates does not change the order of articles. Those posted earlier might still seem to be outdated, even though there will be no date on them. That is why removing dates on posts might be quite pointless.
3. The whole idea of removing date is quite new, and might not be accepted well in the blogosphere. After all, hiding the article date is quite deceitful, and such a decision is usually not made to benefit visitors themselves. Bloggers should always put visitors first.

I think that the biggest disadvantage is that not displaying dates along with posts will make many posts no longer useful. This is especially true in case of news posts, or those posts that were describing a situation that is likely to change. This includes the topics of politics, technology, and the Internet among others.

Working from Home

More and more people discover the benefits of working from home. One of the first advantages of working from home is that those who do it do not have to get up early in the morning. I know at least a few people who do not like getting up early in the morning even though their work requires them to do so. They dream about Saturdays and Sundays hoping to get some sleep during those two days. If you work from home, you do not have this problem anymore. You can wake up at the hour that suits you the most. You can take a break whenever you want and you can eat at hours that suit you the most. You do not have a boss and you do not have anybody to tell you what you can do and what you cannot do.

Blogging Platforms

There are a couple of popular blogging platforms out there. Blogspot is one of them and it is a completely free platform. Having a blog hosted on Blogspot can be a useful thing as Blogger improves the capacity of this platform with new features quite often. Some time ago for example it released a new button especially for Blogger�s users that you can use to upload videos from YouTube directly to your own blog. Once you set up the appropriate button, you will be able to upload as many videos as you want with just one click.

Anyone having a blog hosted on Blogspot should in my opinion back up the html code of their site. The reason for this is that most bloggers on Blogspot do not actually have any copy of their blog on their PC. That is why If something would happen to the html code of their blog, they would lose all of the customized changes they made, including customized sidebar. It also might happen that a blogger might by accident modify the code in such a way that the blog will not be displayed correctly. Fortunately, Blogspot provides a way to restore your blog�s template, but at the cost of all of the changes you made to the blog. If you would restore your blog this way, you would lose a lot of data including all of the links, scripts, widgets etc. Anyway, here is how you can backup your html code:

-Log in to your blog account the regular way and go to Template.
-Next go to Edit HTML. This should display the HTML code. Select all of the code with ctrl+a and copy with ctrl+c.
-Paste it to your favorite text editor with ctrl+v and save the file.

If anything happens to the code of your blog, simply replace it with the backup copy that you copied to the text editor. I recommend that you take advantage out of it and tell others about it, because losing the template of a site can be one of the most unfortunate things that can happen to a webmaster.

Be a Healthy Geek

Spending a lot of time in front of a computer can cost us a lot of health problems in the future. Are you doing anything in order to prevent from any future pains and aches? Is it even possible to avoid health problems in the future? I think that only the time will tell. We are the very first people who started a new era in the history. We are the people who have entertainment in front of their computer, contact with other people via computer, and do many other things while sitting in front of our computers. I cannot really imagine life without computers, as they changed the way we live. Even if some of us are going to suffer from back pains in the future, I think that inventing computers was definitely worth it.

Should I Purchase from Any Website?

I like to be able to buy all sorts of things on the Internet not only on eBay or Amazon, but also on many other websites that are usually not that popular, but still offer good prices.

One of the reasons I like to buy online is that online stores usually offer better prices. Of course, I want those stores to be legitimate. After all, I want to give them my credit details and I do not want to be scammed while doing so.

I discovered already some time ago that legitimate online stores have good customer services. If I want to know if a website is legitimate, I can call their customer service and ask them anything.

What Is It about the Internet?

What is it about the Internet that makes it such a great source of entertainment and business opportunities? I guess there must be something about it since every day, millions of people worldwide choose to use the Internet to take advantage of everything that it offers.

Honestly, I don’t know what I would do were it not for the Internet and everything that it has to offer to me as a person. I am really thankful that the Internet is so popular these days and that it is so easily accessible, because every time I need some piece of information or I need to contact somebody, I go straight to the Internet to be able to do that.

Knowing Which Websites You Can Trust

When I spend time surfing the Web, I learn what websites I can trust and what websites I should avoid at all cost. I have learned, for example, that even by looking at a domain name I can already know whether I can trust that particular website or not. There are some trusted domain names that end with .edu or .org that I know I can trust for sure and I know that nothing bad is going to happen to me when I choose to visit one of them.

I wish there were more domain types I knew I could trust. I am still hoping that in the future there are going to be many domain endings informing me what type of website it is that I am visiting.

Children and the Internet

Most parents do not have the luxury to be physically present and close to their children when they spend time surfing the Web. Even those stay at home mothers usually cannot dedicate all their spare time to making sure that their children are being supervised at all times. It might be a good idea for parents to seek other solutions that would allow them to be aware to know what it is that their kids do when in front of their computers.

Kids will always be kids and they will always want to have access to something that you do not want them to look at. You will need to use common sense while choosing what they should do and what they shouldn’t.

Dangerous Websites

It is not a secret that with so many websites on the Internet some of them prove to be dangerous to us. A dangerous website is a website that can harm either you and your family or your computer.

One of the best examples of websites you shouldn’t trust are websites that can cost you a virus on your PC. Visiting such websites is not really worth it and should be done with special extra care. You might want to use only such websites you can trust for sure so that nothing bad is ever going to happen to you or your computer. You might want to Google some info about a website before choosing to visit it.

When the World Changed Completely

I believe that I know when the world as we know it changed forever. The world changed dramatically with the introduction of the Internet some time ago. Since I used to live without the Internet in the past, I know the difference between a world without the Internet and world with the Internet. My children are never going to know how it is to live in a world without the Internet, but it is OK because I believe that the world with the Internet is a lot better than living without access to the Internet. I just thought that I would share with you that I still remember how it used to be before the Internet was introduced.