Sorting in Excel

I use Excel on a regular basis and I think that it can be a useful tool in many situations. Very often you might want to out a list of names in your Excel document in an alphabetical order. You can always copy the list from other Microsoft documents like Word that do not have a sorting feature. Here it is how you can sort in Excel:

1. Select the cells that you would like to sort. Do not forget about the cells that are attached to cells that you wish to sort.
2. From the top menu bar select Data and then Sort from the list that has just appeared.
3. Here choose by what categories you want to sort (name, last name, city, zip code etc.).
4. Choose whether your list has a header row or does not have it.
5. Select OK to save the changes.

Keeping your Excel document organized is very important and sorting is one way to achieve that. All of my Excel documents are sorted in one way or another.