3 Things to Consider When Planning a Wedding Reception on a Budget

Weddings these days have become bigger and more extravagant than ever. With over the top weddings can come expensive price tags. Fortunately, with a little bit of creativity and work, you can have a beautiful wedding reception without spending a lot of money. Here are three things to consider when planning a wedding reception on a budget.

1. Decorations

It’s the event you have been dreaming of since you were little, so you want it to look perfect! Even though you are on a budget it doesn’t mean your decorations need to be nonexistent. Look for discount centerpieces and buy flowers in bulk to save money without sacrificing style. Budget-friendly does not have to be tacky and cheap, you can find lots of beautiful decorations when you look for sales.

2. Food

There are many ways to save on food for your reception and the answer doesn’t have to be to invite fewer people. You don’t have to do a fancy 7-course dinner either. Feel free to serve what you actually like! Do you like donuts or cookies and milk? Then why can’t you serve that at your wedding? To save even more money serve something you can make yourself or get help from family and friends. You may owe them favors for years to come, but at least it will help your wallet.

3. The Venue

Nothing is more budget-friendly than free. If you have a beautiful backyard or know someone who does, ask if you can have the reception there. It doesn’t take much to make the outdoors a beautiful place for a reception. Just spruce up the flower beds and add the decorations you bought and you can have a perfect and free space for a celebration.

Saving money on decorations, food and the venue you choose will allow you to have a memorable reception with savings left to jumpstart married life.

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