3 Tips for Sustainable Gardening

As climate change and environmental damage become harder and harder to ignore, sustainable living practices become more important if this fragile world is to be protected. Sustainable gardening can help the planet while taking care of your own food or health needs. The goal is to reduce the environmental footprint you leave on this plant, so your gardening efforts should contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emission, increase carbon storage, and contribute to plant biodiversity the way KratoMystic does. These tips can help you garden sustainably.

Grow Organic Food

When you plant food items in your garden, you help the environment in several ways. You reduce the amount of energy required to bring food to your table, such as the gas for your vehicle and the electricity needed by the store or your appliances to keep your food fresh. You also help conserve water and reduce fossil fuel consumption.

Plant Some Trees

When you plant trees, it helps enhance the amount of carbon from the atmosphere stored within the soil. Trees that are tall enough can also provide shade for your home during the summer months, lowering the cooling costs and energy consumption of your HVAC system. If you don’t have enough room for full trees on your land, consider planting some shrubs.

Use Responsible Gardening Practices

Don’t automatically reach for chemical fertilizers and bug sprays for your plants. You can use composting to reduce the amount of food or landscaping waste headed into the landfill but also fertilize your garden. Watch your water consumption, even when watering your plants. Reduce the use of power tools and work with your hands and old-fashioned muscle. Power tools have a harsh environmental impact, and they tend to be more disruptive to the natural habitat of plant and animal life.

Sustainable gardening can do a lot for the environment. It can also give you some great-tasting meal ideas.

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