3 Ways To Prevent Snow Damage

Snow can be a sneaky cause of roof damage. It doesn’t always come with high winds, nor does it even come all at once. But the weight of dense, wet snow can be devastating to a building’s roof, sometimes even causing a complete collapse. Here are three ways you can prevent snow buildup and save your roof from damage this winter.

1. Smart Monitoring Technologies

An emerging tool used to combat snow buildup is a category called predictive monitoring technologies. This technology uses sensors to calculate the pressure of the snowpack on your business or home’s roof. Getting on your roof can be dangerous even without winter conditions. Using a monitoring system can alert you to when snow needs to be removed, saving you unnecessary trips to the top of the building. After the initial costs of setting up the system, monthly fees for snow monitoring technology can be much less than hiring an on-call snow removal crew.

2. Heating Tape

Another solution to snow buildup is heating tape. The heating tape consists of an enclosed cord that when powered, radiates heat to melt snow and ice. It is usually installed in a zig-zag pattern across the surface of the roof. However, the roof must have a proper drainage system to prevent standing water from refreezing on the roof. Heating tape works best on roofs with a slope and traditional gutters. This is a great system to keep gutters from freezing over and causing damaging ice dams. 

3. Manual Snow Removal

The simplest way to prevent damage from snow is to remove it manually. This can be as basic as taking a shovel up to the roof and getting to work. If you have a large surface to clear, it may be beneficial to hire a crew to do the labor for you and save you time. You can also utilize snowblowers or other motorized plows to cut down on time spent on the roof. Caution should always be taken any time you get on the roof, but special care should be taken during icy winter conditions.

Winter does not have to be a time of worry for your business. You can protect your structure’s roof from snow damage by removing dense snow. There are several methods to do so, ranging from ultra-high-tech solutions to tried-and-true methods of clearing. Don’t let snow wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your roof this winter.

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