3 Ways Warehouses Can Be More Environmentally Friendly andCut Costs at the Same Time

Being environmentally friendly can also help keep costs in line in a warehouse. If you are looking to move toward a more eco-conscious business model, these three ideas can help you get started in an economical way.

1. Initiate a Recycling Program

Recycling is a great place to start working toward a more environmentally friendly stance. Install recycling containers in offices, breakrooms and common areas for employees to use. Then look toward bigger opportunities to make an impact in your warehouse operations. Many recyclers will pay for certain types of scrap like plastics and metal. You will not only move closer to a zero-waste facility, you will create an entirely new revenue stream that can be used to support environmental initiatives.

Recycling isn’t just about the waste that leaves your facility. A truly eco-conscious business will also work to purchase recycled supplies where possible. Everything from refurbished equipment to recycled cleaning rags can help reduce how much a company negatively impacts the environment.

2. Install Sensors on Lighting

Illuminating a space around the clock can take a lot of resources. If those spaces aren’t used all the time, much of those resources may be wasted. Sensors and timers can help ensure that lighting is only used when it is needed, cutting back on costs and your energy use.

3. Perform Maintainance on HVAC Equipment

Heating and cooling enclosed spaces is one of the biggest energy uses of any building. Instead of looking at it as a disadvantage, it can be viewed as an area with the most room for improvement. Something as simple as performing routine maintenance on HVAC equipment can greatly reduce the energy needed to run them. While it may raise your costs a little, the savings you see from lower utility bills will more than offset that. Plus, well-maintained equipment is less likely to break down, which means fewer repair costs.

From a comprehensive recycling program to maintaining HVAC equipment, the investment you make will be well worth it when it lowers costs and your business’ environmental impact.

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