Benefits of Fluidizing Blenders

Nowadays, all people in the industrial mixing business seem to talk about are fluidizing blenders. That is because these increasingly popular machines offer a wide variety of benefits. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of these new machines. 


The way these machines mix ingredients allows for shorter cycles. In some industries, these blenders will allow you to produce several batches of product in each minute. These claims are unbelievable and contradict everything you thought you knew about industrial blending. Plus, these faster times can lead to lower production costs and increased product output. 


There is minimal shear associated with these blenders. In other words, there is less chance you will damage your ingredients. As a result, you can mix very fragile ingredients, such as coffee beans, with little stress. It also makes it perfect for mixing animal feeds

This gentle nature also means that there is less friction inside of your blender. In other words, less heat is coming off your machine. This is good if you are looking to lower the risk of a fire in your building. It also means your workers don’t have to worry about the temperature as much. 


A fluidizer can mix a variety of ingredients, no matter their size, shape, or density, efficiently. This is because the mixers consist of neighboring shafts that counter-rotate to get a better mixture of ingredients. It also means you don’t have to worry about segregation while mixing. In other words, whatever you add to your machine, will get thoroughly spread throughout your product. 

Many companies have decided to test out these new fluidizing blenders recently. So join the trend and try one to experience the many benefits of these blenders. Once you try it, you will want to replace all of your mixers with these machines.

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