Blogging Platforms

There are a couple of popular blogging platforms out there. Blogspot is one of them and it is a completely free platform. Having a blog hosted on Blogspot can be a useful thing as Blogger improves the capacity of this platform with new features quite often. Some time ago for example it released a new button especially for Blogger�s users that you can use to upload videos from YouTube directly to your own blog. Once you set up the appropriate button, you will be able to upload as many videos as you want with just one click.

Anyone having a blog hosted on Blogspot should in my opinion back up the html code of their site. The reason for this is that most bloggers on Blogspot do not actually have any copy of their blog on their PC. That is why If something would happen to the html code of their blog, they would lose all of the customized changes they made, including customized sidebar. It also might happen that a blogger might by accident modify the code in such a way that the blog will not be displayed correctly. Fortunately, Blogspot provides a way to restore your blog�s template, but at the cost of all of the changes you made to the blog. If you would restore your blog this way, you would lose a lot of data including all of the links, scripts, widgets etc. Anyway, here is how you can backup your html code:

-Log in to your blog account the regular way and go to Template.
-Next go to Edit HTML. This should display the HTML code. Select all of the code with ctrl+a and copy with ctrl+c.
-Paste it to your favorite text editor with ctrl+v and save the file.

If anything happens to the code of your blog, simply replace it with the backup copy that you copied to the text editor. I recommend that you take advantage out of it and tell others about it, because losing the template of a site can be one of the most unfortunate things that can happen to a webmaster.