Making Your Website Friendly for Visitors

I browse a lot of websites and I especially enjoy browsing sites that are friendly for visitors. There are a few characteristics of such websites. First of all, internet users appreciate when a website is easy to navigate. In case of WordPress blogs this is not an issue as they are designed from scratch to be very easy to navigate. You can browse posts by categories or by the date of posting. You clearly know where to find new content and that is very important in my opinion. There are many websites out there where it is hard to say which page got updated at which time. How would you know if the content you are browsing is not outdated?

Quality Content

Many webmasters say that it is important that your website features quality content. Without quality content you may not have many visitors to your site. What makes matters more complicated is that there is no definite way to identify quality content as everyone might have a different opinion. That is because what is valuable to some, may not be that valuable to others. There are however a few guidelines that you may want to keep in mind when creating quality content. Here are some of them:

-Make sure that your content is original. Do not just rewrite another articles, but rather come up with your own idea for an article.

-Make sure that you know what kind of reader you are writing for. Will it be an article for adults, teenagers, men, or women? Those are some questions you may want to ask yourself.

-There is nothing wrong with being inspired by somebody else’s article as long as you are expanding upon the topic and adding your own thoughts and conclusions. You may even want to refer to some other article you read if you wish.

-Don’t forget to be as creative as possible as that will help a lot.

As you see, while there is no easy way of measuring whether some article is quality content or not, there are ways you can ensure that your article will be appreciated by many of your readers.

Setting Up Your First Blog

I will never forget the day when I launched my first blog. It was many years ago. Little did I know at that time that blogging would become one of my favorite activities to which I am going to dedicate so much of my free time. During all those years, I have gathered enough experience to allow me to become a lot better at what I do. I would like to share with you a few tips that will allow you to become a better blogger. Here they are:

-Updating your blog regularly is one of the most important things you will want to take care of when you first start your blog. If you update it regularly, you communicate to your readers that you are willing to keep them entertained every time they choose to visit your blog. You will also need to remember to post quality articles only. Dedicate a substantial amount of time to creating each post and make sure that you find something to keep your readers interested in what you have to say.

-Encourage your readers to participate in discussions by allowing them to post comments to your entries. People usually like to be engaged in online discussions and they appreciate it when they can choose to express their opinions.

-Choose an original template. If possible, try to create your own personal logo so that your blog is not the copycat of another website on the Internet.

-Having too many widgets can hurt your blog in the long term as fewer readers will have the possibility to access it due to long loading times. Have as few widgets on your blog as necessary to avoid causing problems.

Protecting an Email Account from Hacking

Personally, my email account has never been hacked, but I know a few people whose email security has been compromised. One common mistake that all of them did was to put too little effort into making sure that their email account was well protected.

I have always believed and I will always believe that the owners of those accounts that have been compromised are to blame for the whole situation. Some email users have such ridiculously easy to guess passwords that they are just asking to be hacked. My advice is to make your password as complicated as possible. If you cannot remember it yourself, try to write it down in a safe place that nobody will have a chance to discover.

My Facebook Account

My Facebook account has been hacked some time ago. I did not really notice it at first since I do not access my Facebook account every single day, but when I noticed it, it was already almost too late to do anything about it. I was lucky that I was able to recover my password and that everything turned out to be good in the end. Having said that, I am aware that not everybody is as fortunate as I am. Every day, thousands of Facebook accounts are being compromised and their owners know very little how to prevent those hacks from happening.

When to Allow Your Kids to Create Their Facebook Profile

Even though I generally like the concept of Facebook, I am rather concerned about privacy. So many people choose to create their Facebook on the Internet each day and so many of them choose to share too much information that it is no wonder that so many people get hurt in the process.

Creating a Facebook profile is a serious decision. I am not sure when I will allow my kids to create their own profiles on the Internet, but I guess I want them to still grow a little before allowing them to do that. While the Internet can be a great tool allowing them to make new friends, I do not want them to get hurt too early in their lives.

Who Are You Marketing To

I might not be a professional marketer, but I know a thing or two about online marketing since I have been into the topic for quite some time now. As a small online business owner, I know how important it is to know who your marketing targets should be. This is one of those things that I realized in the very beginning of my marketing and blogging path. I simply needed to realize who I am targeting and what I want to achieve by doing that. It is as simple as that. I know that many online marketers out there try a so-called blanket approach, but the problem is that they are never going to get very far in everything that they do. If they do not know whom they want to target, chances are that they are never going to be good at what they do.

Kids on the Internet and Their Privacy

If you are a parent and your children are old enough to use the Internet on their own, you might be concerned about their safety. You do not want something bad to happen to them such as being bullied or you do not want them to be exposed to adult resources. On the other hand, you do not want their privacy to be invaded by being too intrusive.

Very often, the level of Internet security you will want to implement will depend on you and your child. Try to deepen the relationship between you and your child and encourage him or her to share their concerns with you. Encourage honestly in your home as much as possible.

Website or Websites?

Some webmasters are asking themselves a question should they have only one website or multiple websites. It might sound better to have as many websites as possible, but it is important not to neglect them. This means for example that it might be better to have one blog that you will update on a regular basis, rather than many blogs that you will not be updating often enough. On the other hand, you may want to have multiple blogs if you plan to blog about completely unrelated topics. You may want to have different websites that will cater to a different demographic.

Starting a Website

A person who never created a website might be afraid starting one as he might think that it is a too difficult task. However, starting a website does not have to big that difficult at all. One of the most important things will be choosing your domain name. it is easy to register one through any registrar. Once you have a domain name you should choose some hosting and I recommend choosing some popular hosting companies rather than the cheapest as you do not want your website to suffer downtime. Once you have a domain and hosting you can often set up a website such as a WordPress blog by using a Web-based interface which will do all of the job for you.