Customizing Your Gun

The Glock pistol is a popular brand to buy. It is a well-known brand, and many law enforcement officers use them. If you have one, you may want to make it unique to you. Specializing your handgun can make it shoot more accurate and look good. Here are a few ways to change your gun.


A sight can be one of the easiest Glock 19 upgrades. This can help your performance while shooting at the range. You can get low light sights that are helpful if you are using the gun for self-defense. If you want something that is user friendly, a red dot is always a great option. What you use your handgun for will help you determine what sight you need.


Having a suppressor will help with the sound your gun makes. It will not eliminate the noise completely though. It lowers the amount of vibration and recoil from the shot. These will help with your accuracy and refocusing your sights after your first shot.


Many guns come with a standard clip. Whether you are in a competition or just practicing, having to reload less will help you. Those who have larger hands or find that the grip is uncomfortable find that a different magazine can add an extra inch or so to the handle.


The firing mechanism parts of the gun are not the first thing you may think of to replace. These parts can have a great effect on how you shoot though. If you replace the trigger, it may feel more comfortable when you shoot. The slide of the gun is important as it ejects and reloads a round after it is fired and may cause your gun to jam. Changing it out can help ensure this doesn’t happen often.

A handgun is a good investment for fun and personal safety. Adding extras on it can be a great way to make the gun better.

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