Exterior Design — Reimagining the Lawn

There are countless blogs, magazines, books and television shows dedicated to interior design. Exterior design plays second fiddle all too often. Take a moment to think about your home’s exterior with the same attention you pay to your home’s interior.


Inside, your house has walls that separate different spaces. Outside, you have to get a little more creative. Open spaces are great, and no one wants to have a whole lot of walls outside, but creating definition between different spaces is generally a very good idea. Planted borders and lawn edging Arlington WA or your area can help to distinguish between your vegetable patch and the place where your children play, for example. 

Focal Points

All good designs have some kind of focal point, and exterior design is no different. Think about where you want people’s eyes to land when they look at your house. Is there a particular feature or item that you want them to see first and look at longest? That will be your focal point. 

Social Spaces

Just like your indoor spaces, your outdoor spaces should be designed with people in mind. Homes are built for people first, inside and out, so make sure to include social spaces in your exterior design. There should be places for people to sit and socialize, perhaps even cook or make drinks. Exterior spaces, like interior spaces, are meant to be used by people as well as flora and fauna, so take full advantage of them by thinking socially in your exterior designing.

There’s more to your home’s outside than basic maintenance and mowing the lawn, just as there is more to interior design than vacuuming the carpet. There are rooms without walls in your outdoor spaces, and you paint them with flowers and foliage. Make the most of your exteriors, just as you do with your interiors.

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