How To Clean a CD-ROM

If you are like me, you still use CD-ROMs on a regular basis. You may know that if a CD-ROM is not clean, then it might cause a lot of problems accessing data. If you have inserted your CD in the CD drive and you keep getting messages that tell you that there is no disc or your CD takes a long time to read, it all means that your CD-ROM needs some good cleaning. There are special tools used to effectively clean the CD drive. They are called laser lens cleaner discs and need to be used if something goes wrong with your Cd drive.

If you want to use a laser lens cleaner, make sure that there is no CD in your CD-ROM. Use laser lens cleaner to clean the drive lens. Insert the laser lens cleaner disc and play it for a few minutes. If after this your CD drive still causes problems, use a small piece of cloth or a cotton swab to clean the lens. Be careful while doing it so that you do not damage any hardware.