How to Make Podcast Appearances More Interesting?

What are the benefits of podcast appearances? Here are a few reasons:

  • Developing a personal relationship with others
  • Filling Google with good stuff about you
  • Getting your message heard by millions

What can you do to make your podcast appearances more interesting? Consider these tips:

Developing a friendship with other people

Making podcast appearances is a great way to develop friendships with people in your industry and meet new people. You may even be invited to guest on other podcasts like Mitzi Perdue podcast appearances. Be sure to thank the podcast host for inviting you and express an interest in working with them in the future. In turn, they will be more likely to invite you back! And, you never know, you may even end up being a regular podcast guest in the future.

If you’re interested in developing a friendship with other people through podcast appearances, you should research the topics and guest hosts relevant to your niche. For example, if the podcast is about your industry, you should try to connect the guest with other people who share the same interests as you. For this purpose, you should make an extensive list of potential podcast guests and get in touch with them. Then, if you can’t find the right person to appear on their podcast, you can follow them on social media so that you can get updates about their appearances.

Generating word-of-mouth interest

Podcast appearances are a wonderful method to raise brand awareness and develop an interest in your company through word-of-mouth. You may attract new listeners by bringing in skilled guests and sharing a portion of your knowledge with them. In addition, you may perform host swaps and offer links to your episodes on your blog to promote your podcast on other sites. You can embed your podcast episode on your website to generate SEO benefits. Besides, share it on social media as well.

If you’re unsure about how to promote your podcast, you can hire a professional marketing company to handle all the tedious work. However, it’s still wise to do some promotions yourself. Among the easiest ways to do this is to join podcast communities and collaborate with creators of similar content and podcasts. You can also cross-promote your podcast with other podcasts and interact with them on social media. Remember, quality takes time, and you should always keep in mind the time you’ll invest in promoting your podcast.

Filling up Google with great stuff about you

If you are interested in increasing your search visibility, filling up Google with great stuff about you through a podcast appearance is one of the best ways to do it. Podcast hosts are consumers like you – they will quickly Google you to learn more about your skills and background. Your podcast should also link to your social media profiles and website. Therefore, creating a podcast page on these platforms is vitally important.

Getting your message heard by millions of people

Whether launching a new product or promoting an existing one, podcast appearances can be a great way to expose your brand to a new audience. They can also increase ROI by showing your expertise and attracting new audiences. Podcasts can also be used as a source for social media promotion. 

Despite the importance of podcasting, small businesses often struggle to reach audiences. Today, however, podcasting has made it easier to reach an even wider audience. The median podcast has 29 downloads per episode, and the top 1% receive a whopping 3,896 downloads per episode. These podcasts can reach audiences in any niche and are a great way to build brand credibility and position yourself as an expert in your field.

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