How To Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane

For those living in coastal areas, prepping your home for a hurricane will help protect it from potential damage and provide your family with necessities if the storm does hit. Taking care of these tasks at the first warning of an impending storm will ensure you have the supplies you need to complete them.

Remove Exterior Items

The winds of a hurricane can pick up even heavy items and hurl them into your home. Collect all the toys, chairs, patio tables, potted plants and grilling supplies and store them in your garage or a room in your home. Leave nothing sitting on your porch, patio or in your yard. If you have a large fountain or sculpture on your property, cover it in burlap and tie it securely to the ground with metal cables.

Arrange for Backup Power

There is often a period of power outages during and after a hurricane. To make sure you are not left in the dark, test that your portable generators South Florida are working properly and that you have adequate fuel to run them for an extended period of time. If you don’t have a generator, inquire about renting one from a local company or buying one of their used units.

Secure Your Home’s Exterior

Check your roof to make sure all the tiles or shingles are secure and fix any that are cracked and broken. Inspect the seals around your doors and window and caulk any areas that have deteriorated. Cover the windows with shutters or plywood. To protect your garage, install metal vertical braces on the interior of the garage door and reinforce them with thick horizontal wooden beams. Trim back any large shrubs around the perimeter of your home and trim your trees of any dead or loose branches. If possible, cut any tree branches that extend over any part of your home, including the porch or patio.

Stock Up on Supplies

Get a three day supply of food and drinking water for every person living in your home. Make sure you have enough batteries to keep your weather radio and flashlights operating properly. Fill all your bathtubs and any other large containers in your home with water to be used if the storm compromises your city’s water supply.

Completing these steps in the days before a hurricane strikes will protect your home from damage and provide for your family in the event of any utility outages.

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