Life in Suffolk, VA

Deciding where to settle down in life is a big decision to make. For most people, finding a balance of a good neighborhood that is close to work, zoned for good schools and also offers a variety of dining and recreation options can be a hard task. 

Suffolk, VA is a great option for young families looking for that perfect place to live.


As the 9th most populous city in Virginia, finding homes and townhouses for sale in Suffolk VA can be quite daunting when there are so many areas to consider. Suffolk offers affordable homes to fit a range of budgets and offers both old and new home options. If you are new to the area, working with a realtor who knows the area well may be a great decision for you to make sure all the needs of you and your family are met by the home you choose to buy.


If you have or are planning to have children, finding a home in an area zoned for quality schools is likely high on your priority list. The public school system in Suffolk covers the city with several elementary, middle and high schools to accommodate the demand of students living in the area. If you are interested in private education options there are several options in the area including options for Christian education. 

Things to Do

If you enjoy being outdoors, Suffolk offers plenty of recreational options for spending time at parks, wildlife refuges or being on the water. For a relaxing outdoor afternoon, locals can find bike trails and golf courses within the city.

The restaurant scene offers a lot of local restaurants mixed in with some of the most popular restaurant chains so you are sure to find something to excite your tastebuds for an evening out to eat. Not only can you expect delicious food, but with many local restaurants housed in original Suffolk buildings, the ambiance of many eateries is sure to impress as well.

Suffolk also offers the benefit of being nearby other popular cities such as Norfolk, VA and Virginia Beach; Virginia Beach is a mere 35 miles away making a quick beach trip entirely possible. 

Suffolk, VA not only offers its residents a safe, beautiful place to live but a place to live with plenty to do. You will never find yourself bored with plenty of dining, shopping and recreation options within the city and nearby.  

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