Osaki Zero Gravity Recliner Reviews with New Technology Massage System

Osaki zero gravity recliner reviews tells how this deluxe chair can massage your body well to ensure your relaxation. Their design is made ergonomically so you can get the right recline position that able to lift up the burden from your spine so your body will feel weightless line baby cradle. This relaxation is able to relieve your back pain, eliminating tension in your muscle by correcting the position of your spinal alignment. That way your lung capacity will be increase and the stress on your heart will dropped away.

Design from Osaki zero gravity recliner to ensure your comfort

The design deliver by Osaki furniture is called S track system that resembles the S line of spine natural contour following all the curve and shape. That way the support for both back or neck area is at maximum thus could increase the massaging effort. The massaging itself is done by identical rollers that created to imitate the massage feeling of human thumb so you will feel natural massaging system. The width of the rollers could also be adjusted accordingly, there even body scan system that able to map your contour well so the roller could adjust themselves to hit the areas more accurately.

When you go on to the zero gravity position using this Osaki chair, your weight will be fully supported by the back part of the chair. That way the intensity of the massage will be increase, there even two stages on the position to choose the intensity accordingly. The best thing about this recliner massaging chair is their new air massaging system. This new technology will reduce the number of air bags but they also expand the area of the massage. That way you will get more massaging area but the sound produced by the chair will be decreased.

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