The Best Real Estate in Comporta and Melides, Portugal

There comes a moment when living in a city might already seem too bustling and tiring. This leads to an emerging idea of moving to the suburbs or to the countryside.

Considering tranquil areas, such as Comporta in Portugal, for the rural style of life could be a great solution. Check Comporta property for sale with a variety of options ranging from vast lands to fully equipped luxury houses.

The area of Comporta is a unique place that is located only 120 km far from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. This makes it easy and comfortable to go to the city very fast whenever needed.

Why is it Worth Buying Real Estate in Comporta?

Previously, Comporta had been recognized as an agricultural region known for its vast rice fields and salt processing industry. However, during several recent decades, this region has been transformed. Now you may find lots of offers for purchasing real estate property and homes there.

People buy real estate in Comporta and nearby areas for various reasons. Some years ago many artists and creative people came to this land and settled there as the atmosphere was very amiable there.

During the last year or so, the smart working trend has become extremely popular. Digital nomads and those who can work remotely on a regular basis come to buy estates and houses in Comporta. Moreover, this area has always been popular among summer house buyers and those who see Comporta as a place for retirement.

The process of buying real estate in Comporta is rather stressless as there are no restrictions for foreigners. Moreover, you will always stay connected with the world as there are lots of flights to different countries and continents in the airport of Lisbon that is only a 1-hour drive from Comporta.

Real Estate in Comporta

There are many options to choose from in the area of Comporta. Everything depends on your preferences and budget.

For example, if you would like to establish a farm or a tourism project, this estate could be the right option for you. Furthermore, you will enjoy a large pine forest on this stead.

There are also houses with vast territory around which makes it ideal for establishing a summer residence. The prices for such estates start from €400,000 and range further depending on the land plot size.

Another type of real estate available in Comporta is luxury houses. It might be your cozy family home or a rental property. Explore more options for Comporta real estate properties and houses in the areas nearby.

Real estate in Melides

In fact, Melides is another settlement located in the area of Comporta. You may find more houses and properties with a sea view in this area.

One of the options is the 85-hectare area suitable near Melides. It would be ideal for agricultural and touristic projects along with around 500 sq.m. for a family house.

Another similar area but with 30 hectares of land is also situated near Melides. It is surrounded by the cork forest and has a meadow.

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