Tips for Driving Through Construction Zones

Whether you’re traveling for summer vacation or winter holidays, road construction can put a damper on the drive. Unfortunately, construction may occur anywhere in the country, in urban and rural areas, during the day or night, when it’s warm or cold, and on busy or quiet roads. You may never welcome construction, but there are some things you can do to ease your experience.

Merge Early or Wait and Accept Both Options

Many people prefer to merge as soon as they see the “construction ahead” sign, but there are some good reasons to wait until the last minute. Today, some traffic engineers are encouraging drivers to zipper in at the last moment. This move keeps two lanes of traffic moving rather than condensing all drivers into one lane. When you approach a construction zone and notice that some drivers merge right away while others wait, take a deep breath and recognize that both options are appropriate.

Follow the Speed Limit and the Crew Flaggers

There are many road construction Boston MA situations, and you may feel tempted to ignore the reduced speed limit or the crew flaggers who seem to be everywhere. However, in addition to legal and financial penalties, the likelihood of injuring another person or damaging your vehicle increases with as congestion increases and tempers flare. Protect yourself and the drivers and passengers around you by slowing down and paying attention to flaggers.

Focus on Your Driving, Not the Construction

Did you know that rear-end collisions are the most common crash to happen in a construction zone? As traffic slows, you may find your attention wandering to the crews working around you. However, in stop-and-go traffic, it only takes a moment of inattention to roll into the back of the car ahead of you. Maintain an appropriate distance between you and the car ahead and avoid distractions. (These distractions may also include changing the radio dial, fiddling with your phone, or talking to your passengers.

Use Calming Techniques

The delays in construction zones are often frustrating, but they are necessary for an efficient transportation system. Whether you use deep breathing or listen to soothing music, find a calming technique that works for you. When you can get through a construction zone without losing your cool, your day will certainly be better, and you just might avoid accidents and injuries along the way.

What are some great tips you’ve found for getting through road construction? Have you ever found the good in a construction zone?

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