3 Inspection Tips for Preserving Roof Longevity

Your roof is the best defense against damage to anything inside your business, whether it’s your furnishings or your employees. This is a big job, and despite how well constructed the roofing materials may be, you are a vital resource in ensuring your roof is doing what it is supposed to. Business owners looking to preserve the longevity and efficiency of the roof should consider these tips for roofing maintenance.

Assess the Roofing for Damage

Heavy winds can blow off loose tiles or cause tree limbs to rake across the surface of the roof. Torrential rains can wash away loose tiles or cause puddles of water to eat away at your shingles. Each storm, regardless of the season, has the potential to do damage to your roof. Though it isn’t recommended that you inspect the top of the roof when it is covered and snow and ice, make an inspection a priority in the spring or fall to look for early signs of damage. You can call commercial roofing contractors Alexandria to conduct the inspection.

Clean the Roof from Debris

The same storms that can wreak havoc on the shingles can also leave behind leaves, sticks, acorns, or other debris. Depending on the construction of your roof, the pipes, skylights, HVAC units, and roofing valleys are prime collection spots for debris. Left unaddressed, it can cause deterioration and water damage.

Prune Trees Around the Roof Life

Branches that hang down onto the roof have the potential to cause damage. Not only does the rubbing of the limb pull and tear at the gutters, shingles, or tiles, but it also becomes a bridge for squirrels or other animals to climb on the roof of the structure. With some persistence and tony weak spots, these critters could find their way into the building for a cozy new home.

Roofing maintenance is an important part of building security. Establish an inspection plan or rely on local experts for a yearly service.

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