3 Common Uses for Rivets

Rivets are one of those often-overlooked items in our everyday lives that play a critical role in holding it all together. Rivets are helpful when surfaces need to be connected and bolts are not the best option because the backside of the surface cannot be easily accessed, such as in the interior of a pipe. Rivets can be used in a myriad of ways.  

In Aircraft

Aircraft rivets are vital to the construction of an aircraft. Along with brazing, welding, and bolting, riveting is a key component to the process. It is commonly used when aluminum pieces need to be joined, as soldering is not the best option for aluminum and aluminum alloys. Rivets are helpful in lightening the load of an aircraft as opposed to adding the heavier weights of bolts, especially when a long section of metal must include many connectors.

In Homes

Rivets are especially useful in the construction of homes. Some common places that rivets may be found include fiberglass roofs, the sheets of metal in gutters, windows, doors, and window blinds. Rivets are also helpful when permanently attaching decorative items to a wall or ceiling when you do not have access to the other side of the structure. Rivets are widely used in woodworking. Furniture, cabinets, or anything made from wood can be successfully held together with rivets. Doorknobs, hinges, handles, and drawer pulls are frequently fastened with rivets.

In Jewelry

Riveting will often be used in jewelry making in a technique called cold connection. When pieces are soldered together, the heat can sometimes damage the metal or the gems. The use of rivets in a cold connection makes the use of heat unnecessary. This provides the jewelry maker with more options to create beautiful works of art.

Rivets are in many ways the unsung heroes of the construction world.


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