3 Tips When Buying Homeowners Insurance

Owning a home can be a lot of fun until a tree falls on the house or a rainstorm floods your basement. In times such as these, there can be a lot of uncertainty as well as expensive repair costs. 

To help give yourself peace of mind if and when these situations occur, finding the right homeowners insurance Woodbridge VA, is key. When shopping around, keep these tips in mind.

1. Do Not Blindly Accept Initial Insurer Recommendations

When first inquiring about homeowners insurance, there is a solid chance that the agent you speak to will recommend a certain dwelling coverage amount. Although it can be tempting to simply accept what he or she recommends, doing so can be a costly mistake if your home burns down and you do not have enough money in your policy to replace the entire square footage. For this reason, you should ask what the dwelling coverage is per square foot. 

2. Double Check Deductibles 

Depending on the details of a specific policy, there may be only one deductible or there may be several. With emergency weather events, for example, many policies have different deductible amounts for various storm types and disasters. If there is a specific situation you have concerns about but do not see, ask the insurance agent for clarification before agreeing to buy the coverage.

3. Note Any Exclusions

One thing about homeowners insurance that can be disheartening to learn during an emergency is that many policies have exclusions. Often, homeowners may not realize a certain disaster is not part of their coverage until it happens and they face a loss. To avoid dealing with this kind of misfortune, ask questions and pay close attention to what any policy does and does not cover. 
Choosing the right homeowners insurance can be overwhelming. Use these tips to make your decision easier. 
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