Spying on Your Employees is a Good Thing

I am not sure of you are a business owner or not, but I know the ins and outs of being one from my personal experience as well as the experience of a few of my friends. I know how it feels to hire real people to do some work for you. Some of them are lazy bums, while some of them work hard as ants. But there is more to hiring employees than dividing them into those who work hard and those who would grasp at every opportunity to skip out on working. I am thinking here about cunning and deceitful employees who use their company mobile phones for their private conversations. To put an end to this detrimental practice, I suggest using some sort of application such as the application that can be found at http://www.mspy.fr/logiciel-espion-de-telephone-portable.html provided that you are a small business owner.

It is apparent that for business owners, no matter how large or small their businesses might be, cell phone spy apps have a number of advantages that will keep any employee in check. Keeping track of employees is one of the top priorities every business owner should have. Soon gone are going to be the days when employees were allowed to roam the offices with plastic cups full of steaming coffee and chatting with their friends or family on the mobile phones that were given them by the company they happen to work for. As far as I am concerned, those days are over. Employees, you can kiss your private conversations on your company mobile phones good bye and I want to tell you why!

To work the problem of your employees using the smart phones you gave them for private conversations is to use some sort of application that will monitor everything they happen to do while using them. I know that there are many honest and decent employees out there who would never use company phones for private conversations, but unfortunately their numbers of dwindling at the speed of light. On the other hand, there are also many employees who when given a company cell phone, think it is ok to go out and use it for personal use. The number of such irresponsible and unafraid people is truly staggering. You wouldn’t believe those numbers if you saw them.

Another activity many employees these days like to engage in is browsing the Internet from their company mobile phone. It is not enough for them that they receive a steady source of income each month? They need to top it up by making sure that they squeeze out as much from their company mobile phones as possible? I guess not. Only a good and reliable mobile application can stop their endeavors and make them futile!

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