Traveling This Year

The warmer it gets outside, the more often I tend to think about all those things I am going to do this summer. I already have some plans, but those plans are definitely not set in stone yet. In other words, I can change my plans at any time and choose to spend some time in a lodge instead.

As many other folks out there, I like to be pampered from time to time. I am sure that nobody would mind being taken care of. I like it when somebody serves my every whim and need. It makes me feel appreciated, but it also allows me to relax fully knowing that I don’t have to cook my own dinner or that I don’t have to clean the house. Since somebody is there to serve me at all times, I can rest assured that I can take my mind off the daily activities I usually have to engage in such as working for example.

Another thing I am pleased to hear about is that Hershey Lodge has some great swimming pools. I am an avid swimmer, so taking a deep swim from time to time is just enough to relax my tense body and get rid of all this rigidity that has accumulated there over the years. Since swimming is such a calming activity, I don’t see any reason not to engage myself in it from time to time or even as often as possible. A few of my family members love to swim as well, so I am going to encourage them to go swimming with me and have some fun too.

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