The Modern Decision To Use Quartz

Home renovations are exciting, but they can also be stressful. There are so many decisions to make. If you’re looking for a timeless countertop design element, think about quartz. Its luxurious, smooth surface complements virtually any room. As you search for quartz countertops Pittsburgh PA, keep the following considerations in mind.

Shapes, Patterns and Edges

Quartz is a transparent, crystal-like rock. The different shapes and patterns found in a quartz countertop can affect the overall appearance of the room. For example, its naturally occurring lines and/or swirls may influence the type of edge you select during the countertop finishing process. Beveled, mitered and square edges are all common techniques for quartz. The mitered and square methods are similar in shape, while a beveled treatment has an angular look and is used quite often in bathrooms. No matter which style of edge you prefer, make sure it works well with the patterns in your counter’s surface.


Choosing the correct lighting is important when you install quartz countertops since they’re reflective. Incandescent light is often a popular choice for kitchens with quartz countertops, for example, because of the warm, welcoming glow it gives off when it glances off of a polished surface.

Cleaning Procedures and Materials

Quartz is a stalwart countertop material that’s unlikely to crack, chip or stain easily. Still, you should exercise care during cleaning and maintenance. While it’s primarily rock, it typically includes resins, pigments and polymers as well. Quartz countertops are best cleaned with gentle soaps such as hand soap or dish soap. Avoid acidic cleaning products or any products that are vinegar-based, as they may degrade the finish.

Quartz countertops are a durable and attractive investment. They come in a variety of colors, tones, patterns, and edges, making them a versatile option for several areas of your home. With proper maintenance, they can add a level of sophistication to your home for decades to come.

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